Shop-Vac 5 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum

April 25, 2015

Searching for a force shop vac but not looking to spend any longer than 75 dollars? The Shop-Vac 4.5HP 5 Gallon Stainless Steel Wet/Dry Vacuum is for you. Being on the lower end of the value range, it performs above its class in both suction and blower. What amount would it be a good idea for you to request this vacuum? Online sources like Amazon have this vacuum for only 58 dollars.

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Maserati MC-12

April 20, 2015

Maserati MC-12Living in California certainly has its perks if you’re a car enthusiast. Literally every weekend there is a car event going on for all types of people whether you’re into imports to exotics. One event that never fails to disappoint is the Cars and Coffee out in Irvine, California. Every Saturday morning, before the sun rises, car enthusiasts from all over gather by the Ford / Mazda Campus. Cars and Coffee never fails to disappoint as you will never know what will show up. We came across a set of pics we took from 2015 surprisingly haven’t posted yet.What better way to start off your day by seeing the $1,200,010 Maserati MC12

What makes the Vacumaid GV50 a rockstar in someones garage. (From El Paso Texas)

April 19, 2015

What makes the Vacumaid GV50 a rockstar in someones garage. (From El Paso Texas)In Texas, we go big or go home. But we also go clean when it comes to our riding equipment.

The vacumaid gv50 is a true hero in the car cleaning space. What sets it apart from everything else?

Well, for fact #1 it’s wall mounted meaning that it can’t be moved unless you REALLY want to move this by unmounted it from the wall and manually carrying it elsewhere. Further more, it’s true purpose is to be in once space so make the most of it. The most shop vac reviews is where you’ll see it’s true rating. And of course, it’s a PRETTY DARN GOOD score compared to it’s competition.

On Amazon, it got a whopping 4.8 stars compared to other vacs with 4.5, 4.4 and 4.2 stars. Now that’s a winner in our book. If you want to see the full reviews of the best rated car vacuum cleaners, go to shopvacsource.

Not just Texas, but Naples Florida Luxury Homes NEED Air Conditioning.

April 16, 2015
temperatures in Texas (amongs other places)

temperatures in Texas (amongs other places)

Texas is a LARGE state, by far compared to 98% of the other states. If you have a luxury car which has a properly functioning engine… it’s most likely due to a well flowing air conditioning system. All freon is fresh, components are spinning well and everything is good to go! Cities such as ft myers need specific services that help with air conditioning. And just like back up north, it’s just as important. Air conditioning fort myers is rated to be one of the nations top rated business locations, all because of the hot climate. In Texas, areas such as Houston is an almost equally good area. Only difference is the location in the united states, one is mid south and the other is south east.

Your best bet is in-fact Texas due to larger population.


The Price of Admission in Texas

You must invest in yourself before others invest in you.

Spending money on investments is a great idea, making money from them is the reward you get for taking the risk to begin with.  Investing money in yourself is a great idea, and the people you meet and flow in the circles of, are the rewards you receive for investing in yourself.

ticketsWhen you are questioning if buying an exotic car, or a 5 figure watch is a worthwhile investment, then consider that you are not just buying a car or a watch, but rather being admitted into a world of unlimited wealth and possibilities. A world where the price of admission is the image your portray, and whose membership never expires once you are in. I’ve often discussed that those around, also known as your entourage usually hold a significant weight on your decisions and actions, but those around you are usually limited to your day to day functions, and activities like school, work or after work lifestyle. If those functions don’t allow you to entertain higher net worth clients or individuals considered successful by the masses then you are limited to just day to day folks that may not hold much weight or be as well connected as others.

The argument will exist that one’s character is all they need to enter any group/organization and make a presence for themselves, and it is true; but the real problem lies within the amount of time it will take for those around you to warm up to you and choose to trust you. The idea amongst those already established is that success must find success in order to expand, one needs to have credentials similar to a work resume. Your cars, watches, clothes are artificial but do speak very clearly to the level of success you have enjoyed thus far in your life. Others like yourself are receptive to this success and curiosity does strike them too, which leads them to want to get to know you and therefore creates great opportunities and potential partnerships.

The money spent in your watches and cars is only money invested, not money lost. The idea is to understand how to buy these things and not lose money on them, so even if sometimes they are a bit more expensive than what you want to spend, remember that the difference in between a Tissot watch and a Panerai watch is not only in the movement inside the watch but rather who notices it on your wrist.

Welcome to the House Lifestyle, Automotive Personal Log!

April 15, 2015

Many investors and many entrepreneurs are trying to guess when and where the next boom will occur? Will it be the housing market again? We have seen some of the lowest prices to date. Will they go back up in a few years? Will there be another bubble with the European market? Will the fall of the Euro recover once all those European countries unite again and prosper? All of these are valid questions and will be discussed here…

So by now you’ve noticed that all your neighbor and friends are picking up stunning homes as rentals for dirt cheap and you’ve also noticed them telling all their friends to go ahead and do the same…

The one lesson you will always need to remember in basic economics is how market saturation occurs; please refer to this previous article about investing when people are afraid and getting out when everyone else is in. This is a perfect example of this, as there are several conditions that will keep the housing market from growing significantly as people expect in the next few years. The signs that helped fund the housing boom of 2003-2006 were highly based on unemployment numbers being very low, credit being very easily attainable and job creation being at an all time high.

When people can do something, they will do just that but if you take away their resources they become sitting ducks. In this case, consider the following before investing in real estate again. As long as credit is monitored and controlled as it has been these past two years along with the financial reforms the White House passed in these past two weeks; there will be no mass availability for people to just buy what they want even when they can’t afford it. This by itself cuts down demand to levels well beyond your imagination. If banks don’t lend you money to buy 2-3 properties then you can’t, unless you can buy cash which then is limited to the top 6-8% of the US population. Therefore demand will be down for the next 5-8 years for this financial factor alone, then comes unemployment which is highly related here as not only have income levels have dropped, jobs have been eliminated but the actual people don’t have history with their new found jobs which pay less than before so they won’t be in investing mode but rather in survival mode. This once again limits the growth of the housing market especially in the sense of demand, and as we learned demand and supply is the core foundation of growth in the private sector. Based on financial reform and the financial data from the Great Depression, we will not have high paced growth in the housing market for the next 10-15 years. The positive here is that it is indeed the best time to purchase your first home, change homes if you can afford to do so, or buy the vacation home you’ve always wanted; just don’t expect it to be the reason you make a few hundred thousand and retire anytime soon. The housing market will always be a good investment but in this case not a short one. Also keep in mind that the economy was dragging down the housing market but now the housing market is keep the economy from growing faster.

The European market on the other hand is totally different story but shares a common outcome. The global economy is hurting heavily due to many factors, but primarily because all of the world’s economy is highly based upon the one we live in. The US supports more trade than any other country and the dollar is also known as the world’s currency. The Chinese and Arabs own quite a bit of our currency and therefore have no reason to create tension between us as it would be a significant loss for them as well as for us. Our economy is impacting theirs and therefore impacting every other country that does business with anybody that deals/trades with the US. Europe deals with everyone and is very well impacted by our economy, but there are certain factors to consider here and it is that the media focus (as discussed here) plays a very large part in helping or destroying the Euro. This is not done because the media wants to hurt Europe but rather because the more the Euro takes impact, the better the situation for the dollar, which is necessary at this point to fight upcoming inflation from the Great Recession. All of the Greece talk holds no relevance on anything going on in Europe however and became a very large story and was quickly pointed as the reason that the Euro was collapsing.

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Is the Euro a good place to invest? It is a risky investment as we are unsure of how long it will be necessary for the government to keep the currency from growing to offset other world markets. It is not that the Euro will not recover but rather when it will, which I predict won’t happen till next year.

Finally, since we said that the Real Estate Market is not the best place to invest and that the Euro is unstable, where should you invest your money?

We truly believe that the Stock Market despite being risky is a great place to go due to its volatility, make sure to check out our 5 tips for investing before jumping in, in order to understand how and where to seek opportunities. The more volatility, the more chance for growth, and also the more chances you for heavier gains but again keep in mind, great risk is always around when you talk of big gains. More importantly, we are not advising to pick up cheap stocks and expect them to grow but rather picking up larger cap stocks at their cheapest prices and then allowing them a bit of time to grow. This is a much better opportunity as much more volatility is taking place.